8 Superfoods Guaranteed to Fight Aging

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Do you find that over the years you have become more and more dependent on your makeup to help cover up your ‘imperfections?’ Primers, cover-ups, powders. and all that other fun stuff!

Whether it’s the wrinkles on the outside of your eyelids or a loss of that elasticity you had once upon a time, it’s easy to just dive into the makeup bag and layer on the products. Let’s face it, a lot of these insecurities are signs of aging.

But before you run off to the drug store to buy the latest anti-age technology, let’s take a look at how you are treating your body and how these habits are DIRECTLY affecting your aging.

A healthy diet doesn’t just benefit your weight and health, it impacts the rate at which you age!

Take a look at these 8 super foods below that help SLOW DOWN aging:

Olive Oil

You may have a friend or family member that uses olive oil for absolutely everything. Well, she’s not wrong, it does work wonders. Research showed that nearly 73% of olive oil consists of monounsaturated fat, which is associated with increased skin elasticity and firmness.

So, go on and replace your current oil with olive oil!

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks ever. Some even call it a miracle worker! It contains strong antioxidant properties that protect your skin's collagen from sun damage and helps slow down the process of aging.

Start your morning off right with a delicious cup of green tea!


We all love chocolate, right? Well, researchers proved that cocoa or dark chocolate, to be more specific, can reduce blood pressure, increase insulin sensitivity, and improve arterial function and elasticity. These benefits have shown to improve skin hydration, thickness, and smoothness.

Now there’s an excuse to bring cocoa back into your diet - but remember it must be dark chocolate!


Most vegetables can protect against sun radiation and free radicals, both of which both can lead to skin damage and aging. This is mainly due to their potent antioxidant effects. But if you are not sure which vegetable to focus on, try carrots. They are rich in vitamin A, an ingredient often found anti-aging creams, with an effective breakdown of collagen which improves skin elasticity.

If you don’t like eating them raw, find ways to add them into almost any recipe such as salads or stir-fries.


For centuries, flaxseeds have been prized for their health-protective properties. Nowadays, they are considered a "superfood" because of the many benefits they have. Flaxseeds protect our skin from sun damage and improve smoothness.

Next time you are enjoying a salad or a bowl of fruit, sprinkle some flax seeds on top to enjoy these benefits!


Pomegranate seeds contain vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin to fight premature aging. They are also rich in antioxidants that provide sun protection and may help repair existing skin damage.

A pomegranate a day keeps the wrinkles away!


Avocados are not only a delicious addition to any dinner, but they also provide excellent benefits for your skin. High in fat, they provide elasticity for your skin, making it notably more springy and supple. As well they are high in Vitamin E which help protect again oxidative damage, yet most Americans don’t get enough Vitamin E in their diets.

Next time you are making a salad, don’t forget to throw in an Avocado!


When you think of tomatoes, maybe images of delicious pasta or pizza pops up, but what you should be thinking instead is how this juicy red fruit can help you look and feel younger. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which protects skin from sun damage and breaks down collagen which improves elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Do you even go a day without eating a tomato? It goes well inside just about any dish!

Now you know that eating healthy doesn’t just make you feel good on the inside, but also has remarkable benefits for your skincare routine. Whatever stage of life you are at, whether it’s preventative or to remedy your current signs of aging, no doubt adding these 8 superfoods so your diet can have heaps of benefits. So, grab that shopping list and make sure to note this down for your next trip to the grocery store!

If you have any questions or stories you wish to share about your diet or recipes using these foods, post it below in the comments, and we are happy to help!

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