Aging Happens

Aging Happens! We Just Help You Outsmart The Process!

Unlike most beauty brands, we aren’t out here selling dreams. At Ivy, we believe no one should pay the 350% ‘pink tax markup’. IVY is a direct to consumer brand, providing high-quality anti-aging products with proven processes to help you outsmart aging skin at honest prices.
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Say No To Pink Tax!

Most anti-aging brands are sold at 20x markup + (that's the average some of the big name brands are sold at 30x+ markups). Our promise to you -- we sell our products at a 2.2x markup! So, why pay more? Ivy Cosmetics say no to pink tax, you should too!

Pattern1Blue Ivy Cream

Blue Ivy Cream

Our science-backed flagship cream hydrates skin right through to the dermis. Twice daily application gives plump, fresh and vibrant skin with a more youthful complexion.

Pattern1Instant Lift

Instant Lift

Applied with a non-invasive syringe, the fast-acting formula erases forehead and under-eye lines in just one minute. Visibly plumper, smoother and younger looking skin for up to 8 hours - in an instant.

Pattern1Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum

Our anti-aging serum helps brighten the appearance of tired-looking skin. The pro-collagen formula perfectly combines pure Vitamin C + E ingredients, acting as a detox smoothy for your skin.

Our Users Love Ivy

“I am celebrating my 36th birthday on Friday and I was honestly considering getting some botox or filler to help me ease in to the new year but I feel now that I can hold off a bit longer now considering my results with the cream!”

Betina Bustan

"Pretty quickly, I was seeing changes in my skin hydration. My wrinkles are not as deep and my face looks and feels more relaxed and less tired. I felt a slight tingling sensation when I first started using it but then the skin got used to it. This product is so good!"

Anahata Romanova

"Within a week of starting to use this cream I had friends and coworkers asking me what was different about me. The sure sign that this cream is working is that my husband not only noticed a difference in my skin but also said I looked beautiful. He never notices anything. I feel Blue Ivy provides noticeable changes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Olivia Clark

"If You Obey All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun"